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Hi! I am Serene, a mom of 2 young children, and an avid coffee drinker 😊.

My journey into writing began when my daughter was born. I wanted to create stories that would help my daughter – and other children – learn about themselves and the world around them.

Now a mother of 2, my goal is to bring families closer together, inspiring meaningful conversations among readers of all ages.

My first book Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon? was published in 2022. It has been an incredible learning process and I published my second book I Love My Little Brother in Nov 2023.

I will be launching my third book I Love My Big Sister in Aug 2024. Hope you can be part of the journey too!

Sign up for my launch team – link coming soon. 

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My Books

Where Is The Moon book

Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon? (Paperback)

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Where Is The Moon

Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon? (E-Book)


I Love My Little Brother (Hardcover)


Mommy, Mommy, Where Is The Moon?

Group 1147, Resources For New Author,

Kaitlyn and her mom look for the moon every night. But why does it appear in different shapes – and sometimes even disappear? 


This beautifully illustrated, educational picture book is perfect for bedtime read-aloud.

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It's the kind of book to spend time with your child just before bed time. Looking into the sky, pointing to the moon and reading this book. It's full of wonder that befits a child in his or her early stage of development. I have always been fascinated by the sky since young and this is the right kind of book for my own kids too.

Ming Hui

As a preschool educator, I’m always on the lookout for books that we can add to our library/reading corner. This book is definitely one of them. Love the mother-daughter relationship/conversation, the bits of educational info coupled with the attractive illustration


I adore the bond that you see between Kaitlyn and her mom, it is so relatable and wholesome. It perfectly demonstrates the questions little ones love to ask their parents.My 3 year old learned so much about the moon from this book and begged us to go look at the moon every night since we read this book!

Briana Groff

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